The Empty Chair of Beautiful Memories


Sculpture in Context 2023
The empty chair of beautiful memories (2023)
Acrylic yarn, rug backing, found object

In my current work I’m using a Scandinavian hand-sewn knotting technique called ‘rya’, taught to me by my mother when I was a child. After her passing I was drawn to include it in my practice. 
The empty chair speaks of loss and absence, but also of happy memories. The colours and shapes are inspired by the Linnéa flower. It’s the regional flower of the province in Sweden where I grew up, and also part of my mother’s name –  Elsa Ingrid Linnéa.  

Come to the wood for here is rest


Come to the wood for here is rest (2022)
220 x 180 cm, Rya technique, acrylic yarn on rug backing

Exhibited 1-4th February 2023 as part of group show “Connections” by Creative Collective at Fade Street Studios, Dublin 2.
Purchased by OPW for the state collection.

Photo credit: Sean Rushe and the artist

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I only went out for a walk…


Acrylic yarn on rug backing, 30×30 cm (2022)

Part of Ranelagh Arts autumn exhibition “Cultural Natures” 17th Sep – 14th Oct 2022.

I only went out for a walk… was made using an old Swedish traditional knot and sewing technique called “rya”. Presenting it as a framed painting the line between traditional craft and contemporary art is blurred.

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Fairy Beds


Site specific installation in the National Botanic Gardens for Sculpture in Context 1st September – 7th October 2022.

Inspired by lichen and moss-covered old tree stumps Fairy Beds combine a traditional Swedish long-piled knot and sewing technique called “rya” with found wooden pieces.

“Come to the wood, for here is rest… sleep in forgetfulness of all ill”. (John Muir, 1875)

Photo credit: Karl Jordan

I only went out for a walk…


Site specific installation in the Edward Murphy Library at NCAD (National College of Art and Design), Dublin.
Coloured acetate sheets on window.

Variation of a composition I have used in an array of different media (painting, embroidery, rya (knotted pile technique), glass etc). The original composition was inspired by a specific wood area near my hometown in Sweden.

Spectacular Replica


View video and find more information on the show online here.
There is also a link to the video below.

My works in the exhibition:
Painting: “I only went out for a walk…”
Acrylic on canvas, 160 x 160 cm
(OPW collection)

Window installation: “…for going out was, in fact, going in”
Coloured acetates, appr. 175 x 195 cm

Installation – The world has changed its colours

“I only went out for a walk, but decided to stay until sundown, for going out was in fact going in” (John Muir)

The works in this immersive installation comprise of four pieces (+ cards) sprung from the same shape and colours, instigated by the painting I only went out for a walk. By using the same composition in a variety of media, scale and tonal values it plays with the viewer’s transformation of perception and emotion, often in intangible ways.

Informed by Helen Frankenthaler’s colour compositions the shapes and hues in the painting were unconsciously considered but originated from a particular forest area in my native country Sweden.

Josef Albers’ application of the same pattern in diverse materials, and his works made of small square glass pieces in particular, inspired me to divide my composition into 64 “pixels”. In order to capture the transparent qualities of coloured glass in a “lighter” way I used coloured acetate which was laminated for durability and additional reflections.

By illuminating the works in a dimly lit room attention is drawn to their “inner light” – their essence. United by the colours green and pink (in ancient scriptures considered to have healing qualities) the illuminated works become windows into which the viewer can reflect inwards rather than outwards. Influenced by Ellsworth Kelly’s chapel “Austin” the installation suggests a space of reverence and offers an opportunity for contemplation in a time of great uncertainty and change – in a world that has changed its colours.

 “I am confident that arts, culture and creativity will play an important role in bringing healing to the nation as we emerge from this unprecedented challenge” (Josepha Madigan, Minister for Culture 3rd April 2020)

I only went out for a walk
Acrylic on canvas, 160 x 160 cm

I only went out for a walk (installation view)



I only went out for a walk II
Cotton yarn on Aida fabric, 25 x 25 cm
(18,225 cross-stitches in 27 colours)

I was only going out for a walk II (installation view)

I only went out for a walk III
Embroidery pattern (each square was highlighted to keep track of stitches made)

The world has changed its colours
64 coloured acetate sheets, 200 x 200 cm (pixelated compostion of I only went out for a walk)

The world has changed its colours (installation views)

Limited edition (30) memento cards, 13.5 x 13.5 cm

Stone circle series (work in progress)





Stone circles
, a new project which investigates ancient forms, both natural and man-made. Green and pink are associated with healing of the heart and lung area, and has philosophical attributes such as resilience, adaptability and hope – all significant in a time of great uncertainty and change as we battle Covid-19.





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