Artist Statement



Being interested in the ethereal qualities rather than exact representation, I attempt to find the essence of my subject matter through abstraction and mark-making. Starting with a compositional idea I let the work take on its own life, embracing elements of chance where incidental marks are observed and possibly kept. I don’t make any preliminary sketches, instead I trust completely in the process, and work the paint directly onto the canvas.

 In my current project I am looking at the silver birch, one of the most common trees in my native country, Sweden. I use it as a symbol for the physical and spiritual ties to my roots, raising questions of belonging and attachment. In my paintings the birch becomes a visual manifestation of history and memory.

My work is in the Irish state collections and in private collections in Sweden, UK, The Netherlands, Canada, United States and Ireland.

“When nothing is known, anything is possible…artists and alchemists make their choices more or less at random. In part they know what they want, and in part they are just watching to see what will emerge.” – James Elkins


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