Artist Statement

“I only went out for a walk, but decided to stay until sundown, for going out was in fact going in” (John Muir)

The underlying spiritual core I sense in nature is my source of inspiration. Through a diverse range of media, colour, light and transparency my work explores ways of transmuting this intangible essence into a contemplative, emotional experience.

The square that often frames my work is significant in this (spiritual) aspect, seen as the most important shape in sacred geometry – the form from which all other shapes emanate – and is “the perfect square” which according to theosophical teachings contains the entire universe.

The main colours in my new work – green and pink – relate to the current pandemic, having  philosophical attributes such as resilience and adaptability. In colour therapy and holistic approaches they are also considered to have healing qualities for the heart and lungs, the areas most affected by Covid19.

My work is in the Irish state collections, embassies worldwide and in private collections in Sweden, UK, The Netherlands, Canada, United States and Ireland.