Remember me then (homage to my sister)

Come Back to Me | NCAD MFA Exhibition at Rua Red Gallery, Dublin

Come Back to Me is an interim exhibition of new work by 14 MFA students NCAD curated by Brendan Fox.

Opening: 2 May, 6-8 pm.
Runs: 3 – 10 May 2019

Come Back to Me – a pre-apocalyptic lament, often situates the individual as a point of departure, where we may consider identity as a distorted perception of self and memory as form. These works then sprawl into a psychogeography that encounters contemporary modular forms, deserted architecture and the imposition of new borders. Haunted by nostalgia, and laden with the clunk of contemporary disillusionment, Come Back to Me contemplates perhaps the ultimate escape; to outer space, as we wrestle to comprehend the impending catastrophe of the geological epoch; the Anthropocene.

Come back to me…… This is not a boomerang